Your friends leak your data on social media, even if you are not on Facebook and Twitter.

  • University of Vermont and the University of Adelaide Study in Australia.
  • The researcher said, you do not give your data alone on social media but also inform your friends.

Even if your account is not on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, your data is still leaking. This has been claimed in a study. The US University of Vermont and the University of Adelaide researchers found in their research that if a person deletes a social media account or does not even live, his friends make up about 95% of the data about him .

The researcher has published his research in Magazine named ‘Nature Human Behavior‘, in which he has said that, privacy on social media is like a second-hand smoke, which is controlled by people around you. For this research, the researcher has studied more than 3 million tweets of 13,905 Twitter users.

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On social media, you also inform your friends.
University of Vermont researcher James Baigro said, “When you sign up on Facebook or any other social media platform, you think you are just giving your data, but you also give your friends information.”
This study shows that any company, government or other institution can proffer on the basis of political inclination, preferred product or religious interest of any person. Research revealed that if the person is not on the social media or has deleted his account, yet his friends can be seen by watching the activity on social media.

Nothing can be hidden on social media.
Co-author Er. Dalbir Singh, of this research said that “nothing can be hidden on social media.” People on social media platforms leak information about their friends as well. “

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