Google imposes penalty of Rs 404 crores, violation of privacy rules.

  • CNIL has imposed this fine on Google.
  • First time GDPR law was used.
  • Google can appeal against this decision.

France’s Data Monitoring Agency, CNIL has imposed a penalty of $ 57 million on Google (around Rs 404 crore). Google is accused of violating the new data privacy law of Europe and the penalty has been imposed for the first time using General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Actually, after the implementation of the GDPR law in May last year, two complaints were filed against Google, on which this action was taken. On Google, it was alleged that it forced the users to accept the new privacy policies.

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How is the data being used? It is also difficult to understand: CNIL
CNIL has issued a statement after financing Google and said that Google has made it difficult for users to understand how their personal information is being used specifically for advertising. CNIL said, “Every day thousands of French users create a Google account on their smartphone, so Google’s responsibilities increase further.” CNIL says that even after making some changes last year, Google is not following new rules.

In July, the European Union imposed a fine on Google.
Earlier last year, the European Union had imposed a penalty of $ 5 billion (Rs 34 thousand crore) on Google for breaking the rules of competition. At that time Google was accused of complying with all the smartphone and tablet companies including Samsung, Huaweo, pre-install Google search engine and Google Chrome browser. For this, Google has pressurized companies that Google Play Store will not be able to use these apps if they are not pre-installed.

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