Data that is not needed is also collecting Chinese applications; It is sold to foreign companies.

  • Chinese mobile Apps seek access to microphones and cameras from Indian users.
  • According to the report, China’s 10th and the world’s top-50 Apps send more than 45% of data to users.
  • Data is sold to 7 foreign agencies, the highest 69% of data is sent to the US.

Chinese mobile apps like UC Browser and SHAREit ask users more than they need. Not only this, many Chinese apps also allow users to access data that does not have any data app. This information has been done in the report of Research Consulting firm Arka Consulting. An English website quoted Arka Consulting as saying that many Chinese apps collect more data than Indian users, and then this data is sold to foreign agencies.

Users ask for access to microphones and cameras.
Arka Consultancy found in her study that 10 mobile apps in China demand more personal data than Indian users This includes Halo, SHAREit , Tucker, UC Browser, Vigo Video, Beauty Plus, Club Factory Everything, News Dog, UC News and Viamat.
According to the report of Arka Consultancy, these 10 apps ask Indian users to access their microphone and camera, which is mess with any user’s privacy.

This data is sold to foreign agencies, the largest data to the US.
According to Sandeep Rao, Co-founder of Arka Consulting, the website has said that nearly 10 mobile applications from China and top 50 apps worldwide are demanding more than 45% of the data from users.
According to the report, the data that the Chinese app collects, is sold to 7 foreign agencies later, with the highest 69% of data sold to the US. However, these agencies can not know about how users are using or using this data.

There is no law of Data Protection in India, so all these are easy.
Co-founder Shiva Nadkarni of Arka Consulting believes that there is no privacy law to protect users’ data in India, due to which data from Indian users is easy to obtain. While strict laws have been made to protect data protection in countries like the United States and China.

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