Issuing notice to concerned school operators, FIR against one will be registered.

  • Disclosure in the verification from the Aadhaar number on the State Portal, the recognition of these schools will be canceled.
  • Issuing notice to concerned school operators, FIR against one will be registered.

Hanumangarh: False documents of nine private schools in the district have surfaced regarding the recharge amount of Free and Compulsory Child Education Act (RTE). Surprisingly, these private schools have asked the children studying in government schools as their readings here to pay the refund amount. This whole mess was exposed by matching the other documents along with the base number uploaded on the RTE State Portal. There will be further disclosures.

In such a situation, decision has now been taken to cancel the affiliation of schools related to the education department. Notice has been issued to the concerned school operators for this. An FIR will be registered against a school. Initially, these schools have faced a double enrollment of only one child. In such a case, if the scope of investigation is increased by the department, fraud and disclosures can be disclosed at several large levels.

The special thing is that the school that has been decided to register an FIR against the school has been collecting money in a fraudulent manner for three years. Officials say that departmental investigations are under way in this regard.

Wanted to pay for fraud for three years

Sardar Bhartiya Sainik Public Senior Secondary School, Adarsha Vidya Mandir of village Kallana, Saraswati Vidya Mandir High Primary School of village Abubashahar, Saraswati Vidya Mandir High Secondary School of village Karanisar Sahijipura, one year from Gurukul Shikshan Sanstha located in Umwala village of Pilibanga. Payment was raised. Hanumangarh’s Bhagwani Devi Shikshan Samiti and Bal Vidya Mandir School of village Jogiwala were taken in a fraudulent manner for two years.With the cancellation of the recognition after taking three years’ payment from the MDS Senior Secondary School of village Pakkasaran, it has been decided to register an FIR.

Nine cases have been reported for verification on the RTE portal, in which private school operators have told students studying in government schools as students of their school. Recovery of the payment made by the fraud will be recovered. – Harlal Dhanka, Incharge RTE

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