24 Dumb People Who Shared The Most Inappropriate Selfies On Social Media

24 Dumb People Who Shared The Most Inappropriate Selfies On Social Media.

You’re on a plane, smoke begins to start filling the cabin. People around you are starting to freak out. Some are trying to sniff the air to see what it smells like. Others are trying to signal the flight attendant. I hope she has the answer, or maybe the man in the photo got them memo. Act natural and take a selfie.

Well your car is on fire. Better start getting your distance. Hey uh Devin? What are you doing? Why are you not running away right now? He replies “Look man, I’m not going to have a car for a while. I’m going to need rides, and when people ask what’s wrong with my car I can just send them this!”
Okay wait this one is somewhat subjective. Some say if the lighting is good and you have nice black attire that you think you look good in…we can let it slide. Posting is fine IF maybe you don’t mention where it was taken. Whatever it’s funny.
Keep reading for more hilarious selfies, they may push the ethics line a little.

This next guy has a very deserved selfie. He took his post plane crash and float at sea. He could’ve been taking this for a variety of reasons. One, to show his friends when he gets home. Two, in case they are going to murder him when he gets back for the damage to the plan. Either way take as many snaps as you please my dude.

Here is one that you’re going to like if you are not on the operating table or in the immediate family. Maybe it’s her first day and she wants to capture the moment. Or maybe let’s hope it’s a joke and her sister or bff is on the operating table.
This one may or not be a good idea. You pull your phone out and take a selfie while being pulled over by a cop. Most cops don’t like to be filmed given the recent trends in the news. But hey it could go viral like it did and get you an Instagram following.
Keep reading for more funny selfies that get slightly daring…

It looks like this guy was going for the selfie and came up just short. But the horns don’t look entirely far away. We hope for his sake that he is agile and quick enough to go unharmed. However, harm is warranted in this position.

Fireman or woman they should be putting out the fire. I guess whoever owns the house was like there is no one in there, let it burn I have insurance. Once you have got your dog and goldfish out of there you’re good, no one likes boiled fish.
I must commend this guy on his straight face. It’s very serious and the bandana brings it home. These two dogs are getting after it and this man’s face looks like he is at a biker club. Maybe he is proud because his dog is on top.
Keep reading for more funny selfies, and one that could result in extra toes for this guy’s future kids.


What this guy is doing is slightly questionable. Many people believe that Chernobyl will never be a proper place for human life again. Others believe the radioactive explosion has cleared and it’s safe again. Good for you kid, hope your children don’t have an extra finger.

It’s hard to decide who is more daring. There is the girl in this photo and by just looking at her, your fear of heights starts creeping in. However, the person taking the photo might even be more daring. Either way you people are crazy.
It’s hard to say, but this guy’s girlfriend might be his right hand. Something you may never notice about this picture is that the mirror in the background that is exposing him, is also brand new. He is most likely moving in to what looks like college. Don’t worry you won’t be lonely for long.
Keep reading for some over the line selfies that you wouldn’t ever try…


This girl either got in a car accident or she ticked her boyfriend off. Either way looks like she has quite a recovery process ahead of her. The part that is a little confusing is if you are her friend on Facebook… are you supposed to like something like that?

If you streak, you’ll get in some pretty big trouble. However, if are dead set on it then get you a selfie or better yet a Gopro. Now she has a story to tell for the rest of her life and the photo to prove it. Plus, the fans probably got a good kick out of it.
Funerals tend to be a hotspot for the selfie. This kid did or didn’t realize that his dead grandpa was in the picture. The caption claims that he didn’t but the look of about to burst into laughter is on his face. Hope his grandpa was looking down on him at the time.
Keep reading for more hard to believe but totally real selfies. Maybe even one from a recent president.

Michele Obama looks like one unhappy camper. It could be because her husband is taking a selfie with another woman. Maybe that woman and Barack have some history because he looks considerably into it and so does she. Bite that lip Obama.

This one is messed up, but isn’t that man a little too old to be dropping his pants completely to the floor? Guess to each his own and this man is comfortable in the skin he is in. It also looks like his butt cheeks are stuck together.
This is a pretty hilarious one, this girl is all smiles in a place that is home to murder camps. I guess she wasn’t directly affected. However, if she was alive back then she would’ve instantly been placed in that camp and would’ve been everything but smiles.
Keep reading for some messed up selfies that’ll leave you laughing and sharing with friends.

This one is from the notorious Kim K. She is an easy target for anything controversial and funny to make fun of on the internet. This picture seems to be a little sexual for social media. Oh, well looks like Kanye is enjoying himself.

She went crazy for a while, but now she is back on track. This was during her crazy phase, but Miley is styling in that foam face mask. Glad she could share that with the world on Instagram. Now we all know about the bruise on her thigh.
This guy did the unthinkable. He decides to rob a bank then go home and take pictures with the gun he used in the robbery. Theft 101 says keep a low profile, but this guy has other plans. Maybe he wants to go visit a friend in prison.


Keep reading for the last of our unbelievable selfies…

If the masks ever dropped in your airplane, wouldn’t you want to capture the moment? That is exactly what this man did. The girl behind him looks like she just watched the slaughtering of a dog. This man does not look overly phased.

Here is a good one, not a selfie but equally as funny and messed up. This girl was dating a man. That man went on to marry her mother. Can’t say this happens often, but looks like this girl just got a new stepdad. Glad she shared this one with us.
Germaphobe ALERT! This girl posted to Facebook a picture of her sister going after her feet. This is weird on a few different levels, but one thing we can all hope for is that she just got out of the shower. Looks like she is smelling to see if it’s something she may want to suck on. Yuck.
Yeah, we hope you enjoyed these insane selfies!

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