Through secret technology in secret eye / smartphone, people monitor every shopping in shopping mall

  • Electronic beacons in public places become a means of earning money for marketing companies.
  • Gives information from a few inches to 50 meters.

Gadget Desk. If you turn to a dairy product in your favorite general store in a shopping mall, then notification will come on your phone – there is a discount of 10% on this company’s yogurt. Click here for the coupon. You may have thought of buying a yogurt from the store last time, but did not buy it. The question is, how did your phone know this? Actually, your smartphone gives this information. The store took data of your location and sent it to the marketing company. He sent an ad to impress you. The store pays the company for this.

A recent report describes how companies are using data collected from mobile phone towers, Wi-Fi and GPS. The location data industry has another tool to provide accurate information – the Bluetooth beacon. These beacons are small electronic devices and are concealed in stores. Your phone app will tell the company that you have entered the shopping mall. Also you spent two minutes in front of such and such product. Most location services use phone towers or GPS but have limitations. The coverage of the tower is extensive but it is not able to give very granular information. The GPS works within a radius of 16 feet, but does not work well inside. Bluetooth beacons record the correct location from a few inches to 50 meters. They take less energy. They work in the interiors.

Most people do not know that they are being monitored by beacons. Beacons have been installed at venues such as airports, shopping malls, subways, buses, taxis, stadiums, gyms, hotels, hospitals, concerts, theaters and museums. Beacons are being used in smart city projects in many cities of the world. Location company Gimbal has provided beacons for LinkNYC kiosks in New York. Beacon has been installed in many cities including Amsterdam, London, Norwich.

In order to send coupons or messages, companies need to put an app on your phone which should recognize the beacon of the store. Companies like Target, Walmart use Bluetooth beacons for tracking their apps. Retailers want to track every customer instead of being limited to their app. That is why a large industry of location marketing companies has grown. The creators of many popular apps that provide news, weather and other information add these tool kits to their app. Beacon companies will give them money or other facilities. Location company asks App developers to give the customer’s email address and name. Companies such as Reveal Mobile collect data from software kits housed within hundreds of apps. In the US, the in market company monitors 38% of young mothers and a quarter of smart phones. She tracks 5 crore people every month.

Companies that collect location data defend their work, saying the user can stop location services. The consumer, he argues, accepts Targeted Aid because they are relevant. The user’s identity in the data is kept confidential, they claim. By the way, privacy is not protected by the acceptance of the said statement.

Big technology companies including Facebook, Google are also partners in this business .

The veteran tech companies are part of Bio Systems. In 2015, Facebook started sending free Facebook Bluetooth to businessmen for location marketing. The company has recently removed the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon section from its website. Google launched Project Beacon in 2017. He sent beacons to companies with Google Ad Service. Apple and Google monitor via iOS and Android.

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