Hackers stealing data from hacking / iPhone charging cable, collect personal information in few seconds

Hackers stealing data iPhone charging cable

Gadget desk. If an iPhone user is going to buy a new charging cable, then you will be careful. According to a hacker named MG, your personal data can be stolen through an iPhone charging cable.
According to the motherboard report, it has been modified by modifying the Apple cable, which looks like a normal Apple USB cable. As soon as the cable is placed in the smartphone, hackers send malicious payloads or corrupted software to the user’s device through a nearby device or Wi-Fi range.

According to the report, this charging cable is equipped with many types of payloads, scripts and commands. The hacker runs them on the user’s device. The hacker also erases all evidence of tampering in USB while sitting so that the device can be stolen even further. After the user attaches the cable to the device, the hackers lock the screen for some time. As soon as the user enters the password again, the hacker collects all the details.
A hacker named MG said that this particular type of Lightning USB cable serves as cross platform attack payloads. Hacker further explained that many users are aware that it is not right to use any flash drive nowadays, but they will not even expect that data can be stolen from it. MG has designed this cable himself. It has been prepared by modifying the Apple cable or say that it is tampered with. MG now wants to design a cable that can be used as a security tool.

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