Data hacking of 2.6 million users of 6 companies, serial hackers selling personal information on the Dark Web.

dark web - redfly india

Author:- Er. Dalbir Singh – Pay Per Click Specialist | By Default Engineer | M.Tech, (Hons.) Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).
The hacked data includes data from Games Sent, Lifebayer and Youthmanual companies.
This hacker had previously sold data of 61 million users of nearly 16 websites.

Personal data of nearly half a million users is being sold to 6 big companies on the Dark Web. A serial hacker hacked this data and he is now selling it on the Dark Web. The value of the data is more than Rs. 3 lac. It includes important information like account holder’s name, email and password.

Leaked data is the development of game development platform game salad, Brazilian bookstore store virtual, online task manager and scheduling app except for Cobbick and Lifebayer, Indonesia’s e-commerce company Buckalpak and Indonesia’s Student Career site Uthmannual Company. GameSalad is a game development platform, with more than 75 games made in the top 100 of the Apple App Store. Leaked data companies use the Indian to add games, cobbics and lifebayers. Although it is not very popular in India.

dark web - redfly india

The serial hacker is known as the Knowledge Player. This hacker had also made data of more than 61 million users of 16 companies available on the Dark Web in the same month last month. Including travel booking site Eixigo and video streaming site UNAU data.
Talking to Zennet, the hacker noticeist player said, “I am sad to see that no one wants to learn. Seeing such a level of security in 2019 also makes me angry.

Check that your details are not leaked.
If you want to check whether your data is leaked or you can check by going to You need to enter your email ID by visiting this website. If the website states that your data is stolen, then you should change the password.

What happens to the Dark Web?
According to Cyber ​​Security Expert, 96% of the internet is dark web and the internet we see is just 4%. On the Dark Web, the Internet does not open on the common browser and these can be opened only on the TOR Browser and it is very difficult to track them. The Dark Web is used only for most criminal activities. Hacking service here, meaning any Infomation can be hacked by paying money to them.

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Your friends leak your data on social media, even if you are not on Facebook and Twitter.

Data that is not needed is also collecting Chinese applications; It is sold to foreign companies.

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