Apple patented Anti Snooping Technology, this technology will protect the iPhone user’s data.

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  • Security agencies will not be able to know the location of the iPhone user.
  • Security agencies have expressed concern over this technology of Apple.

London. Apple is developing ‘anti snooping‘ technology, which will make it impossible for anyone to peek in the iPhone. Even security agencies will not be able to detect the phone’s location. It will also be difficult for them to read messages in the phone.

Stingray boxes will control device new technology
In response to a report published on Sunday, the agency told the news agency that Apple has patented the ‘anti snooping’ technology. Through this, the company will secure data between the iPhone and the mobile network.
The new technology stinger will control the boxes. In Active Mode, this device often starts working like a wireless carrier.
Hackers often use this technology to break into mobile data. On activation, the Stinger Devices force all the mobile phones and cellular data devices in the vicinity to connect with them.
The Stringer Devices can be used in any vehicle. It can also be used for spying in planes, helicopters and unmanned vehicles. It is also known as IMSI Catcher.

Global pressures rising on Apple
Apple’s new technology will be beneficial for iPhone users, but security agencies are worried about it. The constant pressure on Apple is increasing, that the company should not use new technology in the iPhone.
Australia and Britain have made laws against Apple’s new technology. India is seriously considering this direction. There is also a proposal to create such laws here that allow mobile data to be accessible to the government.

Some time ago, the American intelligence agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) appealed to the iPhone company to help him open a criminal phone. But the company refused. The criminal murdered 14 people in San Bernardino by shooting an indiscriminate firing. The incident took place in December 2015.
Even after Apple’s refusal, the FBI had managed to open a terrorist phone. The intelligence agency took away the data contained in the terrorist’s phone.

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