Ultimate Tricks to Optimizing Google Ads Quality Scores

Ultimate Tricks to Optimizing Google Ads Quality Scores

By:- Er. Dalbir Singh – Pay Per Click Specialist | By Default Engineer | M.Tech, (Hons.) Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).

There’s lots of confusion regarding Google Ads quality scores. Most advertisers don’t perceive that quality scores are literally a mechanism for ad networks to optimize click evaluation (and profits). they are doing give some insights into however ‘relevant’ an advertisement is, but the most reason they exist is to make sure economical proof of ad impressions.

Here’s the way to analyze and optimize your Google Ads quality scores fast:

Step 1: Google Ads -> Click on the Keywords tab -> Click “Columns” -> Customize columns -> Attributes -> Quality Score -> Add

The overview now shows all keywords in your account along with the quality scores.

Google Ads quality scores

Step 2: Click “Filter” and select “Quality score” from the drop down. Select “smaller or equal” and type 7 in the box. Click “Apply”

This will show all the keywords with the  quality score of 7 or lower.

Google Ads Quality Scores

Now you have got a listing of keywords with quality many seven or lower. for every keyword you’ll hover your arrow over the tiny speech bubble within the standing column and it’ll show you a close quality score analysis.

The example below shows:

– Expected click-through rate: on top of average (nothing to fret regarding here)
– Ad relevance: average (room for improvement)
– Landing page experience: Below average (in this case the most issue occurs for the low quality score).

Optimizing Google Ads Quality Scores

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