Google has banned the 230 million Misleading ads, 1 million Advertisers also suspended.

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Author:- Er. Dalbir Singh – Pay Per Click Specialist | By Default Engineer | M.Tech, (Hons.) Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).

According to Google, these ad users are misleading. Because of which these ads have been banned from their platform.

Technology company Google has banned more than 230 million Misleading ads from its platform. Google has given this information on Thursday. According to Google, these ads users are Miss Lead. Because of which these ads have been banned from their platform. In addition, it is against Google’s new advertising policy issued in 2018. Let us know that Google added 31 new rules to its advertising policy in 2018. According to a report by Google in 2018, the Bad ads report was banned from 6 million i.e. 60 million Misleading ads.

redfly india news google ads ban

Google is working to make its platform healthy and sustainable for everyone. Google has told that ad users on our platform are connecting through relay business, product and service. Bad ads spoil the experience of our users.

Google Director Sustainable ads ‘Scott Spencer‘ said that we are working through a technical resource to protect users, advertisers and publishers. The exercise is being done to save the ecosystem through this bad ad report. For this, Google has implemented this Bad ads Report Policy on its every platform. Google further said, our main focus is to remove Bad ads from our platform and make this web platform sustainable for users and business partners.

Apart from this, Google has also banned accounts of more than 1 million advertisers of about 1 million. This figure is almost twice the number of accounts banned in 2017. About 7.34 million publishers and app developers have also been banned from the Google Ad Network. In addition, about 1.5 million apps have been completely removed.

Apart from this, Google Publisher is preparing to take action on 28 million page (28 million) page breakers.

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Google imposes penalty of Rs 404 crores, violation of privacy rules.

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